[ AKBlasphemy’s OS ] Finally


Title  |  Finally

Parings | Wmatsui

Genre | Angst

Words | 1,332

A/N: This is inspired by part of Katafai’s lyrics & is a dedication shot to all those who waited patiently for my blog to set up, you guys…No words can describe the amount of appreciation that I feel. ;A;

P.S. Forgive me if grammar becomes an issue or it isn’t as good, writing in first person really isn’t my thing and I’m not used to it. For the sake of trying to better convey feels though, sacrifices had to be made.

(This shot takes place after Kataomoi Finally’s famous slapping scene.)

Matsui Rena’s POV

I shivered in the rain as the freezing drops pelted down on me and walking away from her I clutched tightly onto the precious pendant around my neck. I knew it had never meant a thing to her in the first place, but the thought of simply removing this symbol of her infidelity off of me seared against my flesh in the most revolting way.

Another earsplitting slap cascaded into the air and I knew that it had been the doing of Takayanagi Akane. Although there had been a mutual animosity between us, it had been the girl who had approached me earlier with the proposition of us to coming together solely under protocol to confront the one person who’s made us both fools out of our own genuine feelings.

I slowed my steps and watched as Akane stomp away after regaining her pride until she was plain out of site. Closing my eyes, I fought between the tempting need to succumb to the dark magnetic force steering me to look back at her and following Akane’s lead.

“Rena.” My eyes snapped open as I halted my steps at the sound of Jurina’s voice and dared not to look over my shoulder.


At my silence, she called out my name once more, this time in a more broken tone. “Rena…”

It took every ounce of my will power to ignore and take the next couple of steps away, but at the sudden pull of her arms around my waist…my body froze in a stupor.

Jurina tightened her hold and pulled me closer to her equally as drenched body.  Her forehead pressed up against the back of my shoulder as she apologized. “…I’m sorry.”

By this point, all I could feel in my trembling body was the waves of chest pain that plagued every cell in my slender frame.  In a desperate attempt not to give in though, anger shot through my veins and I struggled to rip myself away from her.

Unconvinced, I will not accept her apology.

After successfully budging out of the hug, I made a mad dash to flee, but she grabbed onto my wrist and whisked me around to face her… Once again, I found myself locked in her intoxicating embrace.

“Please, just hear me out.” At the same time, a peal thunder wailed into the night.

“What do you want?” I gritted between my teeth.

Jurina placed her cold hands on either side of my cheeks and tipped my head up. Closing her eyes, she pressed her forehead against mine, careful to not agitate me further with her previously aggressive use of force. Her enticing scent filling me, she nuzzled my nose with her, causing my knees to go weak.

The action took me by surprise but it also caused a burst of unwanted delight to simmer into me.

Sighing, I just stood there, reveling in the feel of what’s left of her warmth in the middle of a rainstorm.

After a few blissful stretches of silence, she spoke. “…You were different.”

“…” My body stiffened.

Jurinacontinued, “It too pained me to have hurt you. I’m sorry for before and…” She pulled away to look deeply into my eyes, her own watery. Even through the rain, the glossy glimmer in them told me she held back tears.

Taking a moment to graze her thumb gently over the side of my cheek that had been struck, she inhaled a shaky breath. “I don’t know what came over me. I had never felt that way for anyone before, it scared me…made me delirious.”

I didn’t want it to but my heart bathed in aguish all the while expanded with warmth at her words.

“I thought that maybe if I pushed you away it’ll also go away, but I am wrong.”

The rain began to lighten and I balled my hands into a fist.

“I’ve kept it inside of me all this time and it doesn’t matter what happens next because I know I don’t deserve anything, but…”

As if my heart stood still, I couldn’t exchange any words. Biting on my lip though, I listened carefully in anticipation to her next words.

“I love you, and I’ve kept it hidden all this time…Finally, I am able to be honest with my feelings after all.” Jurina let go. “This is how it’s supposed to be though, thank you.” She lowered her head and began to walk away, before she could fully turn around though I pulled her back by the arm.

“I hate you!” I began to beat relentlessly against her shoulder, but I was the one in agony. I was literally shaking in agony because I couldn’t breathe and the pain in my heart was so excruciating that I couldn’t help but feel the tears gather in my eyes. She was too cruel to have confessed to me in such a situation, but I knew that it was me who should’ve never listened. “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you…” I truly did hate her, because I felt the impact of every single word she had used, but for what she had done to me in the past—far too shattered to veraciously believe in them.

I hated her so much. Only now did she decide to make light of the fact that the only reason why she remembered my existence at all was because hers had become so miserable. It was all irony for her but for me, it stung like hell. I felt like I was getting a punch to the in the stomach with all that she was sharing. I couldn’t believe in them, even if I so desperately wanted to.

I knew then that I should’ve put more hatred than distress into my response because as the fates would have it, Jurina pulled me into another tight embrace and like every other time I melted against her own shivering body. Slowly, we lowered down to the puddled floor. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” She repeated.

The pools of Jurina’s eyes drowned mine in as my mind continued to work its conflicting thoughts out. It wasn’t until one of her hands cupped my face did all thoughts dissolved into oblivion. Following the event, a companionable silence overtook us in the most basic of ways.

While the cold wind swam like an ocean around us, she did something vaguely familiar that had my heart skipping a beat.

In a fluid movement, Jurina leaned in. Her lips pressed up against mine while her cool hand held my face. I still wasn’t ready to admit why everything she ever did was still rendering me weak, or if it was my own lack of self-control, but I couldn’t force myself to move away from her. Instead, I just inhaled her naturally enticing scent and savored the sensation of once again being the object of her affection.

I don’t know how long we sat there like that, our foggy breaths intermingling, kissing the other’s lips for us while we grew lost in each other’s eyes, but the increments of time suddenly became irrelevant. All that mattered by this point was that even if it might not be true—finally.


A/N: Damn~Finally right? Lol, anyways…Anyone want a smut continuation? I need to work on request fics first though, lmfao.

~ by AKBlasphemy on November 30, 2012.

7 Responses to “[ AKBlasphemy’s OS ] Finally”

  1. Yes please! :D

  2. YES, CONTINUE!!!!!!

  3. Gosh! It’s so intense already, even without the smut scene. But I’m still curious about it. So i’ll wait for the continuation. . . :-D

  4. made my chest hurt ;~; its been awhile since i have felt that way for a fic T_T arigatouuuu~~!!!!
    *perv mode on*
    *U* yes please do continue hehehehe……..

    • Haha, actually…I like to say “Go Smut!” but in truth I’m not really into it ‘XD Writing smuts make me feel awkward to be honest. I’m up for it for the curiosity though! lol.

    • Oh yeah and half! I am touched by your comment on jphip :,)

      • LOLOLOL i know ive always wondered how the authors would feel when writing smut XDD , i tried writing one and it was so uncomfortable since im scared someone might ninja behind me and discover something….. *U* XDD , really?? ; U ; Im happy!!!~~~

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