[anakpanti OS] WMatsui – It’s (Not) Love at The First Sight

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Okay… here I go again…. drama. LOL.

Words: 5 K



Jurina POV

It happened too fast… everything. Have you ever met someone for the first time and then you just knew that she will be your soul mate? 10 years ago… yeah, 10 years… I met her for the very first time. Our eyes met and then in the next 3 seconds I felt like… ‘click’. Love.

10 years has passed but I even not yet to know her name, I don’t know how beautiful she was when she’s smiling, and even though she’s right in front of me now… I can’t hear her voice. I don’t know how long I would be able to hold my tears.

I really want to ask her whether she felt the same thing 10 years ago. I really want to hear her answer for my ‘Do you love me?’

I feel the tears rolling down on my cheeks. Crap. I quickly let go of her hands and I put it back gently beside her body. After I fix her blanket, I stand up from the chair. I walk toward the window and then I look outside through the window while slowly wiping my tears. God, please…

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[Atsuko_love's Fanfic] Management Affairs – Chapter 12

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Hello there~~!
It’s been some time, hasn’t it?
I’m REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry for the late update coz I’ve been busy with my working life~
From now on I’ll try to update as fast as I can~
Well, after waiting so long, here it is~ Chapter 13 of Management Affairs~




Jurina and Rena were having their lunch in a fast food restaurant. Rena just sat down opposite Jurina, staring at her gulping down her burger like someone who hasn’t eaten in a long time.

Noticing this, Jurina swallowed her burger and asked Rena. “Why are you not eating your food? You’re not hungry?”

“Yes, I’m hungry. I’m just amazed at the amount of food you could stuff into your mouth. I mean, I never knew you could eat this much.”

“I eat like a pig when I’m hungry. Or maybe just because I have a large mouth. That’s why I could stuff lots of food into my mouth.” Jurina continued munching on her burger.
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[Machdi-san's Fanfic] Happy Little Pill: 2 of 2 (WMatsui)

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“Secrets I have held in my heart, are harder to hide than I thought. Maybe I just wanna be yours.” I Wanna Be Yours, Arctic Monkeys.

“On a scale of one to ten, how much luxury does your life have to offer?”

Light footsteps occupied the almost empty parking lot outside of the nightclub; the occasional sound of cars passing by was heard in the background. The two women walked side by side, one of them wearing a fuzzy coat under a red velvet dress. The other person didn’t bother bringing her own; her office attire was more than enough to give her some warmth over the cold evening air.

Jurina, who was searching for her car keys in her mini bag, was taken back at the sudden question. But she regained her composure after a few seconds, so she could respond. “What’s with the curiosity of my personal life?”

Rena shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe your appearance in a fancy dress sparked up the question,” She glanced at her side to see Jurina rummaging her bag. “Found your keys yet?”

“Not yet. I swear, if they’re not in my bag, I’m going to flip the whole upside do-” Jurina cut her sentence when she spotted the object at the bottom of her bag. Smiling happily, she fished them out, not forgetting to zip her bag. “Found them.”

“So, no flipping the world upside down? Such a shame,” Rena grinned playfully, earning a slight push on the shoulder.

“Another insult from you, and I won’t bring you to my humble abode,” Jurina said, narrowing her eyes as a sign of threat but the gesture doesn’t seem to have any effect on the other girl.

“Oh, please. If I have ten dollars for every time a guy tried to persuade me to have some ‘hot coffee’ at their house, I would be rich by now,” Rena stated sarcastically. “Trust me. There are a ton of them.”

“I didn’t say I’m taking you to drink some coffee at my house, Rena,” Jurina smirked. “I was kindly inviting you to visit my house in hopes of getting to know you better than just another lonely being I met in a club late at night.”

Rena opened her mouth to make a comeback, but her mind blank as soon as she was about to speak out. She cursed in her mind, looking away from the girl with a blushing face. “Damn it…”

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[anakpanti Fanfiction] WMatsui – ex (OS)

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Well… here we go again… wmatsui and a tiny part of Mayu and Yuki. :3

It’s only a slice of life, okay? :p

Words: 1,9K


Have you ever seen your ex lover live happier than they did when they were with you? Have you ever felt angry when you saw your ex was doing fine (even better) without you? Have you ever felt a bit annoyed when you saw your ex smile a lot when they were with their current lover? Well… I did. It happened to me a lot of time.

Jurina. That little brat! I want to smack her head every time she shows her lovey-dovey things with Mayuyu in front of me. I don’t know if she intentionally did it or not, but… I hate it. I’m not sure either why do I hate it. Well… maybe because I’m still single but the other hand… she already has someone to cling with.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not jealous at her. But… maybe ‘envy’ is the most suitable word.

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[anakpanti Fanfic] WMatsui – Not Real (OS)

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Well… I kind of too lazy to write HUNT and REGRET, so yeah… I write this WMatsui OS. I hope you like it.

Words: 3,2 K


Rena-chan has just announced her graduation in public yesterday… but it’s not surprised me because I’ve known it beforehand.

*FLASHBACK – 3 Months ago*

“Rena-chan~” I called her just a moment before she grabbed the knob. “Akimoto-sensei is not in his office, I’ve just saw him walked toward the parking lot.”

“Oh.” Rena-chan let go of the knob and then she walks toward me.

I frown when I get a simple ‘oh’ from her lips. “What? Is there anything bothering you?” I grasp her hand and I hold it gently. “Why do you want to meet Akimoto-sensei?” I have a bad feeling about this when I see her expression.

Rena-chan smile at me while holding both of my hands. She looks at me deeply and seriously. “Jurina… I’m not going to be your rival in SKE anymore. I’ve planned to leave… soon.” She squeezed my hand a little when she said ‘leave’ word.

My heart sank when I get what she means. In a moment later, I brushed off her hands harshly. “WHAT?!” I clench my fist. “Then… I’m going to leave as well! Let’s graduate together!!!” Fuck this shit! I can’t imagine myself without her in SKE and AKB!

Rena-chan only shows me a warm smile as if she understands what I feel. I hate when she smiles like that because it makes me look like a childish and stubborn kid. “We both know you don’t want it. I know exactly that you still want to reach many things in 48G.” She reaches my hand again. “You still want to beat Sashi and Mayuyu, right? Your aim is to be the no.1 in 48G!”

Fuck! I hate when she is right. My tears come out little by a little and then it flows so hard… the tears rolling down on my cheeks. “I hate you, Rena… for leaving me like this.”

Rena-chan pulls me into a hug and then she pats my head gently. “Sshh… sshhh… don’t cry, honey.” The pats turned into caresses. “I’m not leaving you. It’s just… we walk through the different paths for now. We’re still walking toward the same direction, you know?”

I wrap my arms on Rena-chan’s waist and hug her tightly. “Yeah…” I said it even though in my head… I have a different meaning of graduation. For me, graduation means-


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[anakpanti Fanfic] [10 Shots] HUNT (Part 3)

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Words: 7K

I can’t believe that I writes 7K words for one subchapter. 0_o
At the beginning, I planned to write 4K for 2  subchapter.



= Old Wound =

Jurina blinked so many times before she could fully open her eyes. Ouch! She felt a deep pain on her right stomach and then she touched it. Oh right, Mayu shot my stomach and made me lost a lot of blood. She lifted her head a little and then she saw her stomach had been bandaged neatly.

She tried to get up from the comfortable bed slowly… ignoring the pain on her stomach, and when she sat on it… she saw her reflection on the big wall mirror in front of her. Her head and her right arm were being bandaged. She brushed off the blanket a little and then she saw that her right foot was being bandaged as well. Cih… that girl, I thought she was going to kill me. She rolled her eyes.

“Oh, you’re awake… after 2 days.” The girl showed up and crossed her arms.

Jurina threw her eyes at the shorter girl who leaned her body onto the door. “Of course I’ll awake.” She pointed at the bandage on her forehead. She remembered that her head bumped hard onto the floor because she lost her strength after Mayu shot her stomach. “You’re the one who treating me so well. You have been expecting me to wake up, don’t you?” She smirked.

“Don’t get me wrong.” Mayu looked irritated as she saw Jurina’s mocking smirk. “I make you gain your consciousness back so I can shoot you again, because seeing you in pain is kinda fun.”

Somehow, Mayu’s answer made Jurina wanted to play a bit more. She looked at her gun and her twin knives on the table near the mirror. “Well you can use my knife there, you know? Stab me wherever you want… I’m so available.”

Mayu sighed. “You haven’t change at all.” She walked toward the table and then she took Jurina’s knife. “You’re still arrogant as always.” She took off the knife from its case and then she touched the blade as if she wanted to make sure that it was sharp enough to rip Jurina’s body. “Aren’t you afraid of death?”

Jurina calmly looked at Mayu who walked toward her. “No. I’ve prepared myself for that. Well… let’s call it as a job risk.” She smiled when Mayu put the sharp side of the knife onto her neck. She could feel the blade was touched her skin. “I’ve prepared myself to face the fate if someone wants to take a revenge on me… I’ve been killed many people who dearest to someone. I could die anytime.”

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[Machdi-san's Fanfic] Happy Little Pill: 1 of 2 (WMatsui)

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“My happy little pill, take me away. Dry my eyes, bring color to my skies. My sweet little pill, take my hunger. Lie within, numb my skin.” - Happy Little Pill, Troye Sivan.


If she knew being an office worker would be a waste of time, she wouldn’t be sitting in front of a computer screen in her small cubicle.

In all honesty, she never really had a major goal in life, not that she has one. Becoming a successful singer-songwriter was her dream, but realizing that the entertainment business is at a miserable state plus her personal life would be exposed, Rena decided that it’s best to live a simple and quiet life in the comfort of the small apartment she rented, and her job as one of the workers in a company that gives her acceptable monthly payment.

Her life was, described by herself, a mix of melancholy and dullness that doesn’t help her from finding any happiness. Teenage years were the times where she could officially call them her ‘golden years’, the majority of the time she spent were hanging out with friends, dork around the streets of downtown Tokyo, and spent half of her attention towards actors, musicians and shopping for new clothes.

When she graduated, her friends started to study overseas and soon, she was left alone. And even though she really didn’t have a goal in life, money is important nowadays, so she decided to look for open offers until she stumbled upon the company that she’s now working at, and signed herself up.

She regretted it later on over a couple of years later.

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