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Three rings…

Four …


No one’s there.

She pushed the handset hard into the plastic cradle in frustration, slid her feet back into her high-heeled shoes beneath the broad oak desk and pushed up from her tall, black leather seat.
She took the dark green colored folders of documents and smoothed a hand down the front of her black business suit, checking herself. She buttoned up, reassured she was in good enough condition to visit with the high brass.

She strode down the hall toward the elevators, past the many empty desks of those who were fortunate enough to get to leave at 5:00 every night. Behind her, an intern working late leaned out of his cubicle to appreciate her womanly form and perfectly turned legs, wrapped in black, seamed half transparent nylon stockings as they carried her down the hall and through the glass doors to the foyer…

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[Machdi-san's Fanfic] Animals (WMatsui) – Chapter 1

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“You’re like a drug that’s killing me, I cut you out entirely. But I get so high when I’m inside you.”


She admired her from afar.

Her eyes were glued in place, and no matter how hard she tried to avert her attention to something else, her brain refused. Instead, it locked her in a position where she could monitor the girl’s movement. Her body language. In this moment, Jurina felt like a complete stalker.

She found it strange, yet appealing, to be staring at someone a few meters away from she’s sitting and to observe every little detail of the person’s physical appearance. Her clothing, her hand gestures. She monitored the occasional smiles and laughter of the girl, while simultaneously recording it in her brain so she could play it back over and over again.

The weirdest part of all was that she’s staring at the body of a girl she never met once in her life.

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[Supermaji's Fanfic] Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered (I)

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Pairings: WMastui, SayaRena, SayaMilky

this was supposed to be a one shot but somehow it ended up being 35 pages long. i will cut them into 3 parts and will post the second part around this time next week ~(‾⌣‾~)

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[Supermaji's OS] Catalyst

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Pairing: Wmatsui
Words: 6K+
Rating: M
Summary: Rena was head over heels for her new gym instructor, the oh-so-charming Matsui Jurina, and then stuff happened

A/N: this fic contains shitty smut. read at your own risk. also how do you write short fics

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[anakpanti OS] WMatsui – Four Seasons

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Here we go again… WMatsui.
When I thought about the plot, I think WMatsui is more fit for the story.

To those who asked for JuriMayu, my upcoming OS is called “Girl’s Love” and Jurina-Mayu-Yuki will be in it. Please wait~

Words: 1,4 K



Oh, it’s raining.

I go back inside my house and then I grab the transparent umbrella behind the door. I use the umbrella to cover my head and then I walk forward, leaving my house behind. While walking toward the place that I aim for, I notice the sun will set soon. Beautiful. It was what I thought when I noticed that the sky is changed into the beautiful red and orange colors.

I avert my eyes back to the front and walk slowly on the sidewalk while keeping my umbrella with my right hand. Ah, there! I smile when I’m able to see the flower shop from afar. Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday, so I want to surprise her by going back to Nagoya tomorrow with bouquet and gift in my hand.

But then… after a few steps forward, someone blocks my view in seeing the shop. There is someone who walks toward my direction and then my eyes meet with her eyes. I know her. She is wearing the white shirt, just like me and she is also using the transparent umbrella. She can’t hide her shocked face, just like me. She stops and we both look at each other eyes in a melancholic way.

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[Supermaji's OS] The Twisted Sisters

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Pairings: Wmatsui
Words: 5K+
Summary: Rena faced several new challenges when she helped Jurina babysit little sister, Aeri, who were the total opposite of what she’d expect her to be.
A/N: this is the third installment of my Thin Line series (I, II) and Jurina’s sister in this fic is none other than this cutie pie Yokoshima Aeri (´⌣`ʃƪ)


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[Supermaji's OS] The Day Off

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Pairings: RenaYuki and of bunch of other crackships
Words: 6K+

THis is a really, really old fanfic i decided to finish when i was supposed to work on my thesis :”) i forgot how to fanfic so  pardon me for the crappiness.

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