[Sleepingneko’s OS] The Beginning of the End (Majisuka Gakuen 5 Short)

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A/N- This is just a little something set after ep 9 of Majisuka Gakuen 5. In my opinion, the best episode all season. A lot of emotion, among other things, that you probably don’t want to read about here. I’m always open for discussions so feel free to pm me or whatever. ANYWAY, major spoilers alert, so don’t read unless you’ve caught up to what’s happening now.

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[Atsuko_love’s Fanfic] The Ultimatum – Chapter 16

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Thank you everyone for supporting this fic~
I now present to you chapter 16 of Ultimatum~


Chapter 16 : Enemies of another level

Paru blinked again and again. “That has to be the most bizzare story I have ever heard in my entire life….”

“Probably.” Yuki shrugged.

Paru then nudged Yuki playfully. “So Yuki sensei does this mean you once had a crush on Takamina sensei?”

That was when Paru was met with Takamina glaring back at her silently. “….”

“Ok, got it. Not the best timing in the world.” Paru stood up and slowly walked over to where she thinks she would feel more welcomed. She stood in front of Jurina holding onto Rena tightly and looked at the unconscious lady. “…”

Jurina looked back at Paru and asked. “What?”

“She’s gonna survive, right?” Paru asked.

“What a load of crap. Of course she will.” Jurina scoffed.

Paru then kept looking at Rena with her eyes gleaming brightly. “…”

Feeling uncomfortable with Paru’s stare, Jurina voiced out. “Why are you staring at Rena like that?”

“Well… It’s kinda a large contrast isn’t it? Based on the story, she was a very cute person.. I just feel a lot has happened to her..” Paru kneeled down beside Rena and brush her bangs to the side to get a better look of Rena. There were some scratches and wound left by Mocchi from the fight earlier on her forehead. “She looks calm.”

To Jurina’s surprise, the scratches and wound closed up on the spot from Paru’s single touch. Jurina literally had her eyes wide open. “What did you just do?”
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[Sleepingneko’s Fanfic] Midnight Snack Prologue

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A/N : I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Kinda. I’m procrastinating from my finals. I really am trying to update more. It’s just been terrible cause I’ve been rolling around in boredom and uninspired muck. This new work of mine showcases the Majisuka Gakuen 4 and 5 universe characters as VAMPIRES. Woohoo! After re-reading my very first fic, Supernatural 48 Family, I found that it was terrible and I was really disgusted and embarrassed that I WROTE that thing.(I deleted it with extreme prejudice) So this is perhaps a chance at redemption for me. Please read this if you’d like, and tell me what you think? It’d really help to know where I’m at with things.


It was a regular night in town, nothing special was happening and it was covered in a fine late night mist that made sure there was a sleepy air about it. And overlooking the town, on the highest hill not too far away from its domain was a sprawling estate. In it, a towering, intimidating definitely not abandoned Victorian mansion.

Matching the overall mood of the abode, the supreme ruler of the mansion, the estate, and everything related to its domain sat brooding in her throne. Not so different from any other night at all.

By her side stood her loyal friend and advisor, the second-in-command, Otabe. The young lady stood tall and proud, though her gaze would every so often linger on her leader, Salt. It was normal, it was not intruding, it was hard not to do.
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[Atsuko_love’s Fanfic] The Ultimatum – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 : The History Of Team Taka – Despair

“YAAAAHHHH!” Atsuko swung her swords at the Spectres, decapiting a few. She then hooked a Spectre by its leg and started hurling it round and round, knocking off a few more Spectres out of her way. Her spin was so fast that the hooked Spectre died from the monstrous amount of force exerted on it.

“Woo!! Nice one, Atsu nee-chan!” Rena cheered.

“Just like a gymnastic ribbon. You have to spin it fast.” Atsuko shot a wink at Rena.

“Cool! Teach me some gymnastic sometimes!” Rena hopped in excitement, before she was ambushed by a Spectre. As Rena was really quick, she managed to tilt her whole body backwards and used the ground to pivot a powerful double kick right at its face. “It’s not nice attacking someone while they are talking!”

That time, another Spectre came from behind Rena and tried to grab her. Noticing this, Rena hopped and used the Spectre’s head to pivot herself behind the Spectre and decapitated it right on the spot. Just then, another Spectre managed to release a headbutt on Rena’s forehead. “Ouch!” Rena merely took a step back before pulling the Spectre’s head back in and gave it a powerful headbutt that sent it crashing onto the rock few feet back and showed her tongue. “Think twice before you play the headbutt game with me.”
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Their Love Story [OneShot]

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Originally posted on Screechingsoul:

I want to go back,
to the way we used to be.
I want to feel your skin,
your lips so close to me.
I want to go back when,
I called you mine all the time.

I need you like the air I breathe,
you make me feel alive.
You’re the best part
of my everyday and every night.
If I could take it all back…



They’ve enjoyed a wonderful relationship for so long, but it only gone to waste. For a while, a long while Rena tried to stay away from her. “For their own benefits”. But couldn’t afford to do that. Something in her just draws back to Jurina. No matter what bad has come between them, she was always drawn to the other Matsui. It’s baffling and Rena have never quite been able to put a finger on it.

If they happened to pass…

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[Atsuko_love’s Fanfic] The Ultimatum – Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 : The History Of Team Taka – The Mysterious Black Button

Yuki let out a loud breath as she stood there motionless with a blindfold over her eyes. Slowly, she reached for her Judgement and activated a scythe. “Ready.”

Soon after, a loud bang was heard as a sniper bullet pierced through the air heading straight towards her face. Hearing the gunshot, Yuki immediately knew the direction that the bullet came from. She tilted her whole body gracefully, dodging the bullet before swinging her scythe. The tip of the scythe blade glided accurately on the bullet, slowing it down and manage to direct it to the ground. Already knowing the direction the bullet came from, Yuki dashed towards it. The sniper released a few more shots but the young lady still managed to deflect them successfully despite having a blindfold on. The next second, she had the tip of the scythe touching the sniper’s neck. She let out a smile and greeted the sniper. “I found you~”

Yuki just managed to locate a sniper who was few hundred meters away and deflected every single bullet while having a blindfold on. Immediately, Takamina came from the top and swung down her sword at her. Without even removing her blindfold, Yuki lifted her scythe up to defend against the slash. The strength used was monstrous as it made Yuki got down on one knee. She then defleceted it away and Takamina hopped back. “Not bad, kid.”
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ANGEL of Mine [JuriMayu]

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Originally posted on Screechingsoul:


There was something inside of you.

Something I thought that I would never find.

Angel of mine…

I look at you, lookin’ at me.

Now I know why they say, the best things are free.

I’m gonna love you, girl you are so fine…

But Matsui Jurina was not as lucky as they are, when she was born. Sadly, she was raise in a poor family and had three older brothers to boot. Indeed, they were a source of comfort; when one would beat her up, Jurina would always have another shoulder to turn to.

Her parents barely had money for food, much less for education or anything else like that. However, she grew up fine, and quite healthy, if she may say so herself.

And thinking about that, she must put her god givin’ talents to good use. Jurina could run really fast, so she had to apply them…

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