[anakpanti Fanfic] SayaJuri – Our Dreams (OS)

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Hi guys… here we go, a crack pairing. XD
Someone requested this pairing from me and fortunately… I love them both too. :D

I accidentally read Jurina’s magazine interview after the grand shuffle happened. She said that she’s become very competitive toward Sayaka in team K… that’s why I find the idea in writing this fic. :)

The story isn’t about AKB, however, I choose the korean agencies system when all trainees have to be trained before they get their (uncertainty) debut.

Words: 4,4 K


our dreams


Sayaka stood up on the outdoor terrace of her flat. She sighed a lot… over and over again. She looked down at the Japan’s night traffic from her 14th floor flat. Jurina… She let out a sigh again.


Jurina stood up while clenching her fist. “It’s easy for you to say that because you had already got what’s you want!!” She yelled at Sayaka.

Sayaka stepped closer toward Jurina. “Jurina… it’s not what I mean-”

“Don’t come here again!!” Jurina pointed her finger at Sayaka.

Sayaka stopped. “O-okay… okay… I won’t touch you, but please calm down.”

“That’s not what I mean.” Jurina looked away. “I mean… don’t come to see me again… EVER AGAIN!”

Sayaka flinched as she heard those words came out from her beloved girl’s lips. “Is it means… you want to…” She bit her own lips before she said it… said the words that she was afraid the most. “…break up with me?”


Sayaka rubbed her forehead. Damn it, Jurina! Slowly… the tears appeared from her eyes and then it rolled down on her cheeks. She closed her eyes and let her sadness out of her hearts.

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[Atsuko_love's Fanfic] Management Affairs – Chapter 12

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“Ha….” Rena flattened herself on the bed as soon as she returned to her room. “Home sweet home.”

For a few minutes, Rena was just staring blankly at the ceiling and let out a loud breath. And then… BOOM!! Rena was hit with a pillow thrown by Mayu.

“…” Rena did not react nor did she get annoyed by Mayu. She just continued staring at the ceiling blankly as if nothing happened.

“Earth to Rena! Stop dreaming in the broad daylight!” Mayu smacked Rena’s forehead continuously.
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[anakpanti Fanfic] [10 Shots] HUNT (Part 2)

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Well… this chapter is still not have lovey-dovey moment. Be patient until the next chap, guys. XD

Words: 4,1 K



= Free Time =

It had been 2 weeks but Jurina still didn’t get any ‘job’. Usually… after she moved to the next location, she would get a new job at least in a week. But she knew already that her new target will be around her location, because based on her experienced for years… her boss had never asked her to move into a new place without any reason behind it.

Oh shit, I’m bored. Jurina lifted her foot onto the table in front of her while watching the TV. Why don’t they just give me the damn new phone as usual?! She took a little glance at the clock… 07.23 PM. I can’t let myself die in boredom. She turned off the TV and then she went to her room to change her clothes.

In some minutes later, Jurina stepped out from her room after she finished. Her appearance was totally different from her usual outfit; she wore a casual light blue denim jumpsuit with a white sleeveless shirt inside, and then her clothes were paired with white sneakers. She looked at the mirror. I think it’s better to let my hair untie. When she was about to open the door, she stopped. Wait. Should I bring my gun or maybe at least a knife? She decided to go in and took her twin knives. Just in case… She put the knives inside her socks.

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[anakpanti Fanfic] [10 Shots] HUNT (Part 1)

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Wow. Thank you so much for your positive responses to my new fanfic! I’m happy. >_<
But well… it’s also become a positive pressure to me.
I will try hard to not disappoint you guys. :)

Here we go, Part 1.

Words: 3,7 K



= J =

The girl sat on a chair inside her room; she was wearing the white-tight t-shirt, the loose army-patterned long pants, and a pair of black army boots. She took a random black hair-tie from the drawer and then she tied her hair. She turned her head as she heard someone knocked the door. She kept glaring at the door until it opened slowly.

The guy in the black suit walked into the room without hesitation. “There’s a message for you, J.” He took a phone from his pocket and then he put it onto the small table near the door. “50% of the money has been transferred into your account.” After he said it, he stepped out from the room and closed the door again.

The girl smirked. “New job, huh?” She bent down a little to reach something inside both of her boots… she took a knife from each boots. The twin black knives were intentionally tucked inside her boots. She calmly took out the knives from its cases and put them onto the table. “It’s time for sharpening you both… we’ll have a boring job as usual.”

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Midsummer-Night’s Dream (wMatsui OS)

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Yo~~~~ Long time no see, 48-fanfic world~ God I have been soooooo NOT busy that I had soooooooooo MUCH time to write stuff! But even so, I couldnt’ do anything. Sorry! I’m starting to balance out my attention to my different interests so I’m not giving 48G as much of my… passion (?) as I used to. Thus, such a late update.

To clear things up, this was the promised OS that was supposed to be posted as a OS to congratulate SKE for their Nagoya Dome concert… but…. yeah… lots of things happened! Anyway, because I told Saki I would send her an idol photo for free if I don’t finish this before I sleep today (technically deadline is already past since it’s already 2am…)  so I forced myself to finish this OS before I sleep… You might be able to tell that 3/4 way through, things started to become a bit rushed… but yeah… that’s not me, but… it’s me. You get what I mean right? ANyway, yeah, enjoy! And…. no promises anymore. Future updates for 48fics would be flipping slooooooooow~ but on the other hand, if you want to read some SCANDAL fanfics, they’re up in SH (for those who know would know :3)


Word count: 11k+

Time spent on writing: Too long to count.


Enjoy. (and forgive me for the typos)

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[anakpanti Fanfic] [10 Shots] HUNT (trailer)

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Hi – Hi – Hi…! XD

It’s been some months since “Wanted!” finished, ne? >_<
(If you haven’t read it, you can search it in this page)

Okay, I will come back again with ’10 shots fanfic’. :)
This one will have the same genre as “Wanted!”… actionromance (of course), and smut (maybe, LOL).

I’m a bit tired in writing OS, so… yeah, “HUNT” will be my priority now.
There are some of you who requested triangle love story between these members, so… I decided to put them all in this fanfic, okay?

Enjoy the trailer.



“Who is this?” Jurina took the photo from the table. She frowned while looking at the picture with full of curiosity.

“Kashiwagi Yuki.” The man answered Jurina. His eyes were so dark and cold. He stared at Jurina in a serious way.

Jurina put the photo onto the table again. “What should I do to her?” She asked it to the man who sat in front of her even though she already knew the answer. She just wanted to make sure.

“Kill her.”

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[anakpanti OS] WMatsui – Hi

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Here I come again… with WMatsui OS. -_-

Someone request it to me via http://ask.fm/anakpanti, he/she asked me to write OS based on below pic from Juju’s G+
Well… ‘fluff’ is not my genre, repeat, ‘fluff’ is not my genre. I don’t have a good sense of humor. haha.
So… here we go again…. drama.

Words: 3,7 K

Note: Don’t worry SaeYuki fans… I won’t forget to proceed my ‘Regret’. :)



As soon as Rena heard her phone was ringing, she opened the bathroom door quickly after she wrapped her body with the towel. She got a message from someone who constantly messaged her and vice versa.

From: Matsui Jurina

I just arrived at my hotel room in Tokyo. (^・ω・^ )
You also will come here tomorrow, right?

Rena grinned after she read the message. Thanks God… she arrives safely. She quickly type the message to reply Jurina’s message.

To: Matsui Jurina

Yeah, I will come. We both have a same schedule for AKB tomorrow.
I can’t wait! (* >ω<)

Well… you better take a rest, Jurina.
I’m sure that you’re tired, especially because we had a exhausting dance lesson few hours ago.

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