[Machdi-san’s Fanfic] Animals (WMatsui) – Chapter 4

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Another exhausted day has come to an end. But since everyday was a work day for Jurina, being tired was an overstatement.

Then again, it also meant that work has been going pretty well for her and most of the models in the management. And more work means instant cash pilling up in their credit cards, which also means no more worrying about the electricity bill, food, and shortage of clothes. It was safe to say, in Jurina’s case, that it wasn’t hard enough for her to do grocery shopping every week and make dinner for her and her roommate.

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[Machdi-san’s Fanfic] All I Want (WMatsui)

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“How long is she going to be in there? Just go inside.”

“Alright, alright. But, look, here’s the deal. She couldn’t possibly be as bad as anyone thought she thought she would. And if I’m right, we can’t just lock up an innocent woman in here, it’s just too risky for the public to hear.”

“I don’t give two shits of who she is, or where she came from. What she did two nights ago was fucking insane.”

She could stare at the floor as long as she wanted to, and it will still look appealing to her. It was better than the loud conversation between the two officers outside the door. Not that hearing spiteful comments towards where a new discovery for Jurina, but negativity has always been her arch nemesis.

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Love and Sex [Wmatsui]

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“Please…” She panted, as sweat glistened on her skin. “J-Just a little faster. Finish me off.” Her hands clawed at the girls’ shoulders, and flexed her buttocks, trying to generate more contact, but the girl refused to grant her request.

The girl just smiled. Her smile was devilish. “I think we can keep you going a little while longer,” she teasingly said. “Let’s make this last.”

Rena could only groan in both pleasure and frustration.


That was her name, and it had been 25 hours, 38 minutes and 17 seconds since Rena had met her.


Rena was halfway through dinner when suddenly a girl rapped on the restaurant’s glass wall beside the table on where she was sitting. She waved heartily, and her cheeks red with cold. Rena’s eyes followed her, perplexed as she hustled toward the door, entered and stamped the snow off her snow boots clad…

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[Atsuko_love’s Fanfic] The Ultimatum – Chapter 1

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I’m back in this fic to update~ MUAHAHAHAHA
Lemme repeat, this is an action fic and it will feature lots of members of the 48 family…
And this fic has lots of deaths! I REPEAT : LOTS OF DEATHS
If you’re not sure of what a Judgement, Spectres and Cybers are, you can always re-read the prologue of this fic
Well, without further ado, here’s officially Chapter 1 of Ultimatum.


CHAPTER 1 : Girl With The Hood

“Hmm….” A girl looked at the boxes of jewelries encased in a glass panel as she rubbed her chin, thinking about something deeply. She then looked at the shopkeeper and pointed at a necklace. “Excuse me, can I take a look at that?”

The shopkeeper took the necklace out of the glass panel and placed it on top, revealing the shiny necklace to the interested girl. “You have a good taste, young lady. This is one of our best necklace around.”

“Sure is… Even my eyes are blinded by its light reflection.” The girl smiled a little. She then pointed at another necklace at the other end of the casing and smiled again. “Can I take a look at that as well? That looks nice as well.”

“Sure. Hang on a minute.” The shopkeeper went and took out the other necklace and walked back over to her. “Here you go, young lady.”

“Hmm… Maybe I’ll come back again later?” The girl started walking backwards while continue smiling back at the shopkeeper.
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[Atsuko_love’s Fanfic] Management Affairs – Chapter 17 FINAL CHAPTER

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Welcome to my final chapter of Management Affairs~ 

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who had followed my story and liked it.
Don’t be sad that this fic is ending.. Everything must come to an end sooner or later
Besides, it’s not like I’m done with writing.. NO…
I still have a new ongoing fic~
But for now, here’s chapter 17 of Management Affairs, the final chapter



*Knock knock*

“Come in.” Jurina called out as the door opened to reveal Yuki. Even without looking up, Jurina knew it was Yuki who came in because of her perfume smell. As Jurina continued ruffling on her paperworks, she started. “You’re looking for me?”

Yuki walked in and took a look at the paperworks on Jurina’s table. “You’re still working on that?”

“No choice. NMB company needs this by next week. I have to get this done as soon as possible.” That was when Jurina placed the papers on the table and looked up at Yuki. “You seem free. Don’t you have to handle this as well?”

“I uhm… Have something more important to attend to after this.” Yuki seemed to be fidgeting to every word uttered.

Jurina found this really strange. “Okay? What’s more important than this as of now? You sound like you have something to tell me but yet you’re keeping quiet over there.”

After thinking about it for a moment, Yuki started, “I’m just gonna ask you one question first, Jurina..”

“Go ahead.” Jurina gestured.
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[Atsuko_love’s Fanfic] Management Affairs – Chapter 16

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Bet you guys are shocked at how fast my update is right?
I’ve planned to make it a fast update since it’s closing towards the end already.
Just as a note, this chapter is the second last chapter of this fic. The next chapter will be the last one~ Don’t cry pls LOLZ
Anywayz, this is Chapter 16 for you guys~



“Phew.. That was some dancing..” Mayu let out a loud breath as four of them had a walk outside the garden after the ball.

“Not bad, Rena. You could actually keep up with the flow quite well..” Jurina complimented on Rena’s dancing skills.

“All thanks to you, Jurina. You’re the one who thought me how to dance.” Rena smiled sweetly back at Jurina and looked up into the sky. “The sky is full of stars”

“Well… I can’t see anything.” Jurina shrugged.

“Such a romantic sight..” Yuki smiled at the sky full of stars.

“You know, Yuki… There’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you, but I couldn’t bring myself to say it out.. But if I don’t say it out now, I’m afraid I’ll regret it..” Mayu looked at Yuki lovingly before looking down on the ground for a moment. All of a sudden, Mayu got on one knee.

“Oh my god… Oh my god…” Yuki clasped both her hands on her mouth.
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[Atsuko_love’s Fanfic] Management Affairs – Chapter 15

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I’m back~! Surprised?
Sorry for the late chapter..
My procrastination level within me was OVER 9000! *crushes scouter* Don’t kill me..
Just a note, this fic has just a few more chapters to go till the end~
By few chapters, I mean definitely less than 5 more chapters(inclusive of this chapter)
Then I will continue my other fic, The Ultimatum~ You guys can check out the prologue first~
For now, here’s the 15th chapter of Management Affairs~


The hall was filled with people. Not just people. Famous and renowned people. At one corner, secretary Haruna is seen having an intimate conversation with the Head Chef Mariko. The head of the PR department, Yamamoto Sayaka were busy talking to some female guests, or rather flirting with them. Head of receptionist Yokoyama Yui was also there with her girlfriend Shimazaki Haruka. Even Atsuko and MInami attended. They were busy having a great time for themselves as Atsuko was busy running around the buffet table, grabbing onto food that the loves while Minami was busy holding the plates for Atsuko.

“Hey, slow it down, Atsuko…” Minami just got another plate added to her arms. Altogether there were already four plates. Two on the left hand, two on the right hand.
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