[Atsuko_love’s Fanfic] The Ultimatum – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 : Tag Team

“I don’t give a damn what you promised to anybody back there. Since you’re out here anyway, you have a choice, Atsuko. Come with us. You’ve been there long enough. Rena made her choice. Now it’s time for you to make a choice. Us…..or Jurina.”



“You know well I can’t leave you both behind, right?”

“It’s done then. Let’s get going.” Takamina started walking away.

“But!” Atsuko interrupted and Takamina turned her head back. “Jurina will be coming with us. I will go back there and get her.”

“No, she’s not.”

“Yes she is.”

“She gave us enough problems already!” Takamina

“She gave YOU enough problems! Not me, not Rena! And the reason why you treat her as a ‘problem’ was because you didn’t like the fact that she was that close to Rena. The only problem here is you!”

Takamina tugged Atsuko’s collar down to her level and raised her voice even more. “Don’t speak to me like that, Atsuko! She’s a Spectre!”

“What the hell am I then!!?? Huh!? A human!?” Atsuko was not intimidated by Takamina at all and instead, she raised her voice even more. Atsuko pointed at her own eye. “Does this look human to you!?” She then showed her claws to Takamina. “What about this, Minami!? Does this look human to you!?” Her finger pointing at Rena now. “What is she now, Minami? Huh? Does she look human to you!?”

“Don’t you dare use this against me! You both were born a human!” Takamina raised her voice even more. “You both are different!”

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[Atsuko_love’s Fanfic] The Ultimatum – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 : Faith

“So… I heard from Jurina saying that you got Rena’s Judgement from her. Where is it?”

“I gave it to Paru..”

“Paru?” Atsuko raised a brow. “Who’s that?”

“The next generation of Reapers. And also my new student.”

“It’s not like you to have a private student out of the Legion Academy, Minami.”

“She was a target of the ‘Cleansing’ plan. So I decided to bring her in and train her myself so she won’t die a useless person.”
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DARKNESS [Last Part]

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You can count on me tonight.

When you close your eyes,

I’ll be right by your side.

No need to worry.

It’s all right, I’ll be just by your side.

I’ll never leave you till you sleep tonight.

Cover you with my arms and hold you tight.

I’ll keep watching you.

I promise, I’ll never leave…

“I know Rena-chan will definitely like this…”

Jurina whispered to herself, and a smile worked its way across her face, as she watched in fascination while examining the pair of silver necklace on the palm of her right hand.

The light coming from the jewelry store hit them as she tilted her palm from left to right and watch the shimmering light projected at the silver pendants.

One month prior, Jurina went to this store, to bring her own layout for the design that she wanted to be done with the necklaces.

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The Attraction of The Mirror. Chapter 4

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Originally posted on J-Pop and K-Pop Abode:

RenaKin-075A/n. Oh god, it’s been So Long! since I updated this story and good thing I know everything that needs to happen in it, so yeah, just had a mood to work on it :3

Hope you like this :)

Just a heads up, this chapter is from Rena’s POV, continuing from where we left her in Chapter 2

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Unspoken Feelings. Part 4

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YuiYuuA/n. Yup yup, finalLY (oh god, why am I leaving this pun here while most of you have no idea of its meaning. Oh well, bear with me ^^; ) I am updating this!!! I know I left you all with double cliffhanger last time and on this update…. Expect the unexpected LOL

  • yakitori are grilled chicken skewers made from bite sized pieces of meat from all different parts of the chicken, such as the breasts, thighs, skin, liver and other innards
  • ‘daijoubu’ means ‘all is well; it’s okay; it’s fine; I am fine; etc.’

So, Yuusei said he wants something dedicated to him, and thus – even though he doesn’t like reading much XD – I dedicate this update to him ^w^

Mariya checked if she had all what was needed in her bag and then proceeded on her way outside. She was hoping the person that was supposed…

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[Atsuko_love’s Fanfic] The Ultimatum – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 : What are you?

“Promise me, Jurina..” A lady-like hand cupped Jurina’s face softly and gently.

“I….” Jurina didn’t know what to say.

“Promise me..” The lady repeated once again.

Jurina finally nodded. “I will….”

Jurina slowly opened her eyes and found herself lying on the bed, thinking about the dream she just had.

“Had a bad dream?” A voice called out to her. Jurina turned her head over and was greeted by a pair of red eyes.

Without answering, Jurina sat herself up and rubbed her forehead.
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My Kuchi Utsushi Butler. Chapter 5

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A/n. Okay, so this is more Rena centered and I hope you guys enjoy it. This continues on from where we left last time. Um, another thing, it has less strong language and more inner emotions. New characters appear, we will see them more later in the future ;)

So, I want to dedicate this (like I promised) to Harurun~ \ (^ ~ ^ ) and I hope I don’t disappoint you~

WARNING. Contains genderbender, smut, might contain strong language.

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