[Supermaji's OS] The Twisted Sisters

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Pairings: Wmatsui
Words: 5K+
Summary: Rena faced several new challenges when she helped Jurina babysit little sister, Aeri, who were the total opposite of what she’d expect her to be.
A/N: this is the third installment of my Thin Line series (I, II) and Jurina’s sister in this fic is none other than this cutie pie Yokoshima Aeri (´⌣`ʃƪ)


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[Supermaji's OS] The Day Off

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Pairings: RenaYuki and of bunch of other crackships
Words: 6K+

THis is a really, really old fanfic i decided to finish when i was supposed to work on my thesis :”) i forgot how to fanfic so  pardon me for the crappiness.

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[BbSis's Fanfic] The fanfiction post thread | Chapter 4

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Hello folks~

It’s been a long time, but I’m here to show I didn’t drop the fic \o/

It is not proofread, so please forgive my mistakes o/


The fanfiction post thread chapter 4

There I was, with an incredulous look on my face, staring first handly at the result of the No3b script contest. Morikawa-sensei was with a smile of proud and satisfaction. This was fake, right? How come my name was on the top of the list?!

“Congratulations, Oshima-san! You won the contest.” Morikawa-sensei proudly tapped my shoulder with the palm of his hands.

“Thank you… But…” I was still unsure. What if…

“Don’t worry. It was a clean victory. There was nothing in the regulament saying that people in your situation couldn’t apply. Also, the anonymousness of the applicants were kept until they decide the winner script.” He explained still smiling.

“Well, in this case, if you allow me…” He nodded giggling as if he knew what I was about to do. “YEEY! I WON!” I screamed my lungs out throwing both arms in the air. Then I started to give small jumps swinging my arms. “Yeey! I won! No3b wait for me~ I’m gonna see Asahi everyday for a while!” Morikawa-sensei just laughed. Thanks that room was sound proof, otherwise the entire floor would hear me.

“Well, Oshima-san, let’s go back to work now.” He said gently. My answer was an energetic ‘hai’. And we restarted to work until my time to go home.

While working, I started to remember what was the story I applied. I just had this idea that was perfect and decided to write it down with few actors in mind, beside the NO3B girls. It tells the story of three girls who wanted to be idols.
The fate of these girls changed when they met each other after failing in an audience for the nth time. A midget girl with a bit of boyish behavior, a lolita styled girl, and a rather plain tall girl. But while they were chatting, the lolita girl received a call from the producer. Happy, she left the other two; little did she know he just wanted to take advantage on her.

After being left behind, the midget girl and the plain girl continued their chat, until the plain girl sight a thing on the floor. It was a limited edition of a phone strap she wanted so bad. Almost at the same time, two men in black suit appeared with guns in hands asking for the phone strap. As she refused, the one who seemed to be the leader pointed his gun upwards and shot. The bullet hit a gas can and their surrounding got filled with steam. The two girl took this as an opportunity to scape and ran back to the building they were in before, with the man right behind them.

In an attempt to hide, the two entered in a supposedly empty room. But they found two woman making out in there. The smaller girl found it a bit disgusting. They apologized and hurriedly left the room. The next room was a dressing room, and taller had the idea of disguise as man. Still, the guys in black were after them. They broke in a music video recording and tried to mingle with the male dancers. Little did they know  they were being observed. The men were deceived and passed them on the studio.

When the two finally thought it was safe, they were cornered by a woman in black, who happened to be one of the two who were making out. Once again, the men reached them, but when the one who shoot earlier asked the woman about two teen running, she pointed them the wrong direction. When they were out of sight, the woman bluntly asked them if they wanted to be idols. Without a clue of what the woman had in mind, they said yes. Only to find out later that they would debut as male idols.

Later complications would make the third girl join the group. Yep, the main idea was make them danso all the time. I know I pick on my sis about it, but deep inside, or not so deep, I like it too.

But, OH MY! Now think about it, my first official work will be with No3b! I’ll meet them often, and chat with them, and I can even acquaint with them. Or better, maybe I can even become their friends! Yuko! Stop delusioning and go back to work! You should just contempt yourself with just being the president of their fanclub. And the work I’m currently in gives me access to juicy information.

I was too happy to fully concentrate on work. My mind wondered to the Idol-land, while I did my work mechanically. I only realized it was time to go home when Morikawa-sensei announced he was leaving. I myself started to gather my belongings to go back home. I still have a lot to do for today; like finish a paper for college, the chapter of my fic, and moderate the forum. Also, I had to post when they would announce the script contest winner, and where, and give the links. Professionalism kept me from tell them who the winner was. It’s okay, because soon they will know that Oshima Yuko, aka H_Korisu, is the lucky person. Yes! Oh god, I’m so excited!

By the time I arrived home, I found Rena sprawled on the coach. She was out of her danso outfit this time. Her long raven hair was pending from the edge of the coach. She was wearing a light blue shorts and a pink strapped blouse. I couldn’t resist a tease.

“I bet Juju would love to jump onto you if she saw you now.” The smugness in my tone was visible. Rena sat straight upon hearing my voice. I bet she is blushing hard now.

“Come on, Yuko! At least arrive decently at home before start with the teasing.” Rena pouted. Before I could voice out my reply, her phone, which was on the center table, buzzed. Since it was about time for the variety program where the kiddo is the MC, the message could be from only one person. Rena sighed.

“Is that from your loli crush again?” Rena just nodded. She didn’t seem pleased with the constant messages she was receiving from Jurina since she was forced to give her number to the girl. I remember she was really pissed with me when she arrived home that day. I apologized for the prank because I really thought that, or Jurina would figure out that Ren-kun was a girl, or that Rena would tell her. Apparently, Ren-kun ignored Jurina, and the kiddo had to blackmail ‘him’ to get ‘his’ number. That was what the kiddo told me when she finally was gotten rid by Rena. And since then I have to hear Jurina babbling about my cool and handsome younger brother, and how cold he is toward her. On the other hand, Rena was feeling on her skin how persistent Jurina can be. She was used to have girls squealing over her.

Rena blushed more and I figured the message had more than just letters. I managed to sneak to her side and take a peek on the phone screen. Yep. Right on the spot. On the screen there was an image of the kiddo making a cute face with the cat-like smile wearing a frilled dress. The written message probably was something like ‘Ren-kun, please watch my program. And please remember to reply me sometimes. (insert pleading face here) chu~ S2’.

“Good, Rena-chan, one more exclusive pic for your collection!” I teased again.
“Yuuchan, stop! Go drool over your goddess Asahi! And don’t ever try to set me up with Jurina again! It is only giving me headache!” Rena snapped at me. I raised both of my arms in sign of defeat.

“Easy, sis! I just want you to be happy. But I’ll leave you. I have stuff to do. Also, I want to see if NekoMimi is online.” And before Rena find a way to tease me with this, I fled from the living room. I even forgot to tell her about the contest. Maybe I’ll tell her after the TV program.


It was my day off. Our day off actually. I had lunch with Nami and Hinata. We had a great time with the food and the chat, but my mind was on what Korisu told me the other day. We had a break from a rehearsal and I went to check my phone. Since my schedule is a bit unstable, Korisu and I started to leave messages offline, to be checked up whenever we had a spare time. I must confess, it became like my addiction, my drug. To fullfil my expectations, the notification light was flashing blue, which is a message from skype. Trying not to show how excited I was, I swyped the pattern to unlock the screen. The message was sent about fifteen ago and seemed as cheerful as she always is.

Korisu started saying she had big news, but also apologized for breaking our agreement of not telling too much personal stuff. She assured it was worth the break. And my excitement slowly turned into worry. Everytime she is as hyped as she was, it had something to do with No3b. It frightens me the thought of how she would react if she finds out I’m the one she adores as an idol. Sometimes I get jealous over my idol self because of how much she is on Korisu’s thoughts. Because of the gay and sweet tone she always speak of her goddess Asahi. It seems I’m not even talking about myself.
When I typed a reply, she immediately answered back. She didn’t want to tell the big news by leaving a message offline. I said I had just few minutes from my break at work. Well, I wasn’t lying. Then it came. And struck me right into the heart.

“Neko-chan~ I won the No3b script contest!!! Please, keep it a secret until it is officially out!”

“WOW! CONGRATULATIONS! Your secret is safe with me!” I typed mechanically.

Korisu won the contest. This wasn’t registering in my mind yet. Korisu won the fucking script contest! Wait. WHAT? Okay, sorry for the bad language. But she won it! Does it mean I’ll meet her in person? Why this disturb me so much? I could only read her happy ranting while my shaken hands held the phone. Was I afraid to meet her? I could actually hear her voice saying each and every typed word; and hear the laugh I loved so much. To my luck, the break was over and I had to go back to practice.

A few days later, in the aforementioned lunch, I brought the contest topic in our chat.

“Hey, do you remember the name of the script contest winner?” It wasn’t publically announced yet, but we know this kind of thing beforehand.

“If I recall well, it is Oshima Yuko.” Nami answered trying to remember, putting her hashi aside. This name sounds quite familiar… Isn’t that the pres…

“Yeah, Oshima-chan~” Hinata cut my thoughts, while munched a small portion of food. “Who knew that the president of our fanclub would anonymously win the contest!”

“They are the same?!” I know i sounded a bit desperate.

“Sure thing! And also that girl from Tohto TV that is always looking at us.” Hinata added putting another portion of food in her mouth.

An uneasy sensation took my body. I felt like a complete cheater. For all thi s time, not only I’m Korisu’s favorite idol, but I also know how she looks like and we are often meeting! How am I going to face her next week in the first cast and staff meeting? How am I going to face her almost everyday on shooting ground? How can I not show her all the affection I have for her? How to not love her when she will laugh everyday with that voice that captivates me? After lunch, I went straight home trying to remember her face. But I couldn’t.

Work kept me busy until the anticipated meeting day. As my agency likes to keep the mystery until the end, I found myself in a room filled with staff and the cast. Everyone was chatting timidly. Aside from me, Hinata, and Nami, I recognized Hirota Reona, Yingling, Takigawa Hanako, Shinoda Mariko, Kawano Naoki, Mizushima Hiro, Hakuryu, and Tagawa Yosuke. Nami was constantly giving Takigawa-san a nervous look. Hinata shared the attention of Kawano-san and Mizushima-san. I just wanted it to be over. My hands were shaky and sweat.

The door opened and No3b manager entered accompanied by an incredibly pretty girl. She was nervously smiling and the cute dimples only make her look more adorable. As she introduced herself, my heart skipped like crazy. It was her! Her appealing voice took a form and her good looks only make it worse for me….

And I finally admited to myself that I was hopelessly in love with H_Korisu, better, Oshima Yuko.

Chapter 4 – END

[anakpanti OS] WMatsui – It’s (Not) Love at The First Sight

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Okay… here I go again…. drama. LOL.

Words: 5 K



Jurina POV

It happened too fast… everything. Have you ever met someone for the first time and then you just knew that she will be your soul mate? 10 years ago… yeah, 10 years… I met her for the very first time. Our eyes met and then in the next 3 seconds I felt like… ‘click’. Love.

10 years has passed but I even not yet to know her name, I don’t know how beautiful she was when she’s smiling, and even though she’s right in front of me now… I can’t hear her voice. I don’t know how long I would be able to hold my tears.

I really want to ask her whether she felt the same thing 10 years ago. I really want to hear her answer for my ‘Do you love me?’

I feel the tears rolling down on my cheeks. Crap. I quickly let go of her hands and I put it back gently beside her body. After I fix her blanket, I stand up from the chair. I walk toward the window and then I look outside through the window while slowly wiping my tears. God, please…

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[Atsuko_love's Fanfic] Management Affairs – Chapter 12

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Hello there~~!
It’s been some time, hasn’t it?
I’m REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry for the late update coz I’ve been busy with my working life~
From now on I’ll try to update as fast as I can~
Well, after waiting so long, here it is~ Chapter 13 of Management Affairs~




Jurina and Rena were having their lunch in a fast food restaurant. Rena just sat down opposite Jurina, staring at her gulping down her burger like someone who hasn’t eaten in a long time.

Noticing this, Jurina swallowed her burger and asked Rena. “Why are you not eating your food? You’re not hungry?”

“Yes, I’m hungry. I’m just amazed at the amount of food you could stuff into your mouth. I mean, I never knew you could eat this much.”

“I eat like a pig when I’m hungry. Or maybe just because I have a large mouth. That’s why I could stuff lots of food into my mouth.” Jurina continued munching on her burger.
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[Machdi-san's Fanfic] Happy Little Pill: 2 of 2 (WMatsui)

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“Secrets I have held in my heart, are harder to hide than I thought. Maybe I just wanna be yours.” I Wanna Be Yours, Arctic Monkeys.

“On a scale of one to ten, how much luxury does your life have to offer?”

Light footsteps occupied the almost empty parking lot outside of the nightclub; the occasional sound of cars passing by was heard in the background. The two women walked side by side, one of them wearing a fuzzy coat under a red velvet dress. The other person didn’t bother bringing her own; her office attire was more than enough to give her some warmth over the cold evening air.

Jurina, who was searching for her car keys in her mini bag, was taken back at the sudden question. But she regained her composure after a few seconds, so she could respond. “What’s with the curiosity of my personal life?”

Rena shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe your appearance in a fancy dress sparked up the question,” She glanced at her side to see Jurina rummaging her bag. “Found your keys yet?”

“Not yet. I swear, if they’re not in my bag, I’m going to flip the whole upside do-” Jurina cut her sentence when she spotted the object at the bottom of her bag. Smiling happily, she fished them out, not forgetting to zip her bag. “Found them.”

“So, no flipping the world upside down? Such a shame,” Rena grinned playfully, earning a slight push on the shoulder.

“Another insult from you, and I won’t bring you to my humble abode,” Jurina said, narrowing her eyes as a sign of threat but the gesture doesn’t seem to have any effect on the other girl.

“Oh, please. If I have ten dollars for every time a guy tried to persuade me to have some ‘hot coffee’ at their house, I would be rich by now,” Rena stated sarcastically. “Trust me. There are a ton of them.”

“I didn’t say I’m taking you to drink some coffee at my house, Rena,” Jurina smirked. “I was kindly inviting you to visit my house in hopes of getting to know you better than just another lonely being I met in a club late at night.”

Rena opened her mouth to make a comeback, but her mind blank as soon as she was about to speak out. She cursed in her mind, looking away from the girl with a blushing face. “Damn it…”

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[anakpanti Fanfiction] WMatsui – ex (OS)

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Well… here we go again… wmatsui and a tiny part of Mayu and Yuki. :3

It’s only a slice of life, okay? :p

Words: 1,9K


Have you ever seen your ex lover live happier than they did when they were with you? Have you ever felt angry when you saw your ex was doing fine (even better) without you? Have you ever felt a bit annoyed when you saw your ex smile a lot when they were with their current lover? Well… I did. It happened to me a lot of time.

Jurina. That little brat! I want to smack her head every time she shows her lovey-dovey things with Mayuyu in front of me. I don’t know if she intentionally did it or not, but… I hate it. I’m not sure either why do I hate it. Well… maybe because I’m still single but the other hand… she already has someone to cling with.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not jealous at her. But… maybe ‘envy’ is the most suitable word.

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