[anakpanti Fanfic] [10 Shots] HUNT (Part 3)

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Words: 7K

I can’t believe that I writes 7K words for one subchapter. 0_o
At the beginning, I planned to write 4K for 2  subchapter.



= Old Wound =

Jurina blinked so many times before she could fully open her eyes. Ouch! She felt a deep pain on her right stomach and then she touched it. Oh right, Mayu shot my stomach and made me lost a lot of blood. She lifted her head a little and then she saw her stomach had been bandaged neatly.

She tried to get up from the comfortable bed slowly… ignoring the pain on her stomach, and when she sat on it… she saw her reflection on the big wall mirror in front of her. Her head and her right arm were being bandaged. She brushed off the blanket a little and then she saw that her right foot was being bandaged as well. Cih… that girl, I thought she was going to kill me. She rolled her eyes.

“Oh, you’re awake… after 2 days.” The girl showed up and crossed her arms.

Jurina threw her eyes at the shorter girl who leaned her body onto the door. “Of course I’ll awake.” She pointed at the bandage on her forehead. She remembered that her head bumped hard onto the floor because she lost her strength after Mayu shot her stomach. “You’re the one who treating me so well. You have been expecting me to wake up, don’t you?” She smirked.

“Don’t get me wrong.” Mayu looked irritated as she saw Jurina’s mocking smirk. “I make you gain your consciousness back so I can shoot you again, because seeing you in pain is kinda fun.”

Somehow, Mayu’s answer made Jurina wanted to play a bit more. She looked at her gun and her twin knives on the table near the mirror. “Well you can use my knife there, you know? Stab me wherever you want… I’m so available.”

Mayu sighed. “You haven’t change at all.” She walked toward the table and then she took Jurina’s knife. “You’re still arrogant as always.” She took off the knife from its case and then she touched the blade as if she wanted to make sure that it was sharp enough to rip Jurina’s body. “Aren’t you afraid of death?”

Jurina calmly looked at Mayu who walked toward her. “No. I’ve prepared myself for that. Well… let’s call it as a job risk.” She smiled when Mayu put the sharp side of the knife onto her neck. She could feel the blade was touched her skin. “I’ve prepared myself to face the fate if someone wants to take a revenge on me… I’ve been killed many people who dearest to someone. I could die anytime.”

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[Machdi-san's Fanfic] Happy Little Pill: 1 of 2 (WMatsui)

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“My happy little pill, take me away. Dry my eyes, bring color to my skies. My sweet little pill, take my hunger. Lie within, numb my skin.” - Happy Little Pill, Troye Sivan.


If she knew being an office worker would be a waste of time, she wouldn’t be sitting in front of a computer screen in her small cubicle.

In all honesty, she never really had a major goal in life, not that she has one. Becoming a successful singer-songwriter was her dream, but realizing that the entertainment business is at a miserable state plus her personal life would be exposed, Rena decided that it’s best to live a simple and quiet life in the comfort of the small apartment she rented, and her job as one of the workers in a company that gives her acceptable monthly payment.

Her life was, described by herself, a mix of melancholy and dullness that doesn’t help her from finding any happiness. Teenage years were the times where she could officially call them her ‘golden years’, the majority of the time she spent were hanging out with friends, dork around the streets of downtown Tokyo, and spent half of her attention towards actors, musicians and shopping for new clothes.

When she graduated, her friends started to study overseas and soon, she was left alone. And even though she really didn’t have a goal in life, money is important nowadays, so she decided to look for open offers until she stumbled upon the company that she’s now working at, and signed herself up.

She regretted it later on over a couple of years later.

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[Machdi-san's Fanfic] The Spaces Between (WMatsui)

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“Please stay with me, be my friend in life. Together, we will face the world side by side.” – Teman Hidup (Friend in Life), Tulus.

The morning was peaceful. I felt as if everything was coming into plan, from the cup of warm coffee settled on top of the small in front of me, to the music playing through the buds of my earphones. My head laid against the soft texture of the couch, taking in as much as the serene atmosphere was giving and sighed contently. I let my eyes droop slowly at the back of my head. Another day off, another me time.

I’m not much of a person who complains a lot during times of exhaustion and work-related stress. Instead, I consume myself with the amount of things I’ve given to and do it wholeheartedly until it’s done. That being said, I tend to forgot about my own physical being and let myself drown in illness, wasting a couple days or a week before going back to work. I thought I would be sick all day if this goes on when one day, one of the staff told us that everyone in the group was given day offs due to our ‘fatigue’. So I was more than happy to oblige.

Which leads us to the present time, with me resting my tired body in the comfort of my favorite furniture on a Sunday morning. It’s these moments where I realize that I’m human, and not some sad working machine.

Sleep was taking its toll on me, and soon I found myself drifting into dreamland. It was only until I felt something on both of my eyes, and so I opened my eyes to find darkness in my vision. That’s when I noticed that someone was covering my eyes.

Out of all days, it had to be today.

“Very funny, Jurina. Now give me my eyesight back.”

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[anakpanti Fanfic] [3 Shots] SaeYuki – Regret (Part 2)

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Ugh! I’m so sorry for delaying this fic for about 7 months.
I just can’t find the right time and right mood to write SaeYuki.

Before, I wanted to finish this fic in this chapter… but I can’t do that because it’s too long. :P
I will post the last chapter as soon as possible (I promise it’ll be in this week). Please trust me for this one. XD


Words: 5,5 K




“Hi, pal.” Sae threw her body onto the chair that placed next to Yuki. “It’s been 3 days. Do you have any idea about our project? Or… you didn’t have it AT ALL. You know, we only have a week.”

“Urgh!” Yuki groaned. “Don’t even think to make me start my day with shitty mood, Miyazawa-san. You’ve ruined my morning, you know?!” She didn’t understand it by herself, why did every word that came from Sae’s mouth always made her pissed off.

Sae chuckled. “Oh, man.” She patted Yuki’s shoulder. “Relax, okay? I’m just asking!”

Yuki glared at Sae, she gave Sae a sharp glare. “Don’t-EVER-touch-me-AGAIN.”

“Whoaa!! Here you come… ‘HotBitchYuki’ in action!” Sae quickly pulled back her hand.

“Huh?! Say it again!” Yuki clenched her fist.

“Ah, nothing.” Sae shrugged. She stood up before Yuki decided to punch her super cool face. “Listen, I’ve had a BRILLIAN idea about our project and I will start to sketch it on this evening. Well… if you, somehow, lack of idea… you can just sit and watch my incredible talent in designing. But don’t worry, because I will put your name in the project report too… I’m a nice ikemen, right?”

WHAT?! Yuki stood up as well and then she pointed Sae’s face. “You—-!!! Ugghh!”

“If you, magically, find an idea for our project too… you can ask any random girl in this college about my address, every girl in this place know my house. Come to my house at 7PM and let’s do the project together. And ummm….” Sae walked closer toward Yuki and whispered. “We can have some fun after that.” She winked at Yuki.

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[anakpanti Fanfic] SayaJuri – Our Dreams (OS)

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Hi guys… here we go, a crack pairing. XD
Someone requested this pairing from me and fortunately… I love them both too. :D

I accidentally read Jurina’s magazine interview after the grand shuffle happened. She said that she’s become very competitive toward Sayaka in team K… that’s why I find the idea in writing this fic. :)

The story isn’t about AKB, however, I choose the korean agencies system when all trainees have to be trained before they get their (uncertainty) debut.

Words: 4,4 K


our dreams


Sayaka stood up on the outdoor terrace of her flat. She sighed a lot… over and over again. She looked down at the Japan’s night traffic from her 14th floor flat. Jurina… She let out a sigh again.


Jurina stood up while clenching her fist. “It’s easy for you to say that because you had already got what’s you want!!” She yelled at Sayaka.

Sayaka stepped closer toward Jurina. “Jurina… it’s not what I mean-”

“Don’t come here again!!” Jurina pointed her finger at Sayaka.

Sayaka stopped. “O-okay… okay… I won’t touch you, but please calm down.”

“That’s not what I mean.” Jurina looked away. “I mean… don’t come to see me again… EVER AGAIN!”

Sayaka flinched as she heard those words came out from her beloved girl’s lips. “Is it means… you want to…” She bit her own lips before she said it… said the words that she was afraid the most. “…break up with me?”


Sayaka rubbed her forehead. Damn it, Jurina! Slowly… the tears appeared from her eyes and then it rolled down on her cheeks. She closed her eyes and let her sadness out of her hearts.

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[Atsuko_love's Fanfic] Management Affairs – Chapter 12

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“Ha….” Rena flattened herself on the bed as soon as she returned to her room. “Home sweet home.”

For a few minutes, Rena was just staring blankly at the ceiling and let out a loud breath. And then… BOOM!! Rena was hit with a pillow thrown by Mayu.

“…” Rena did not react nor did she get annoyed by Mayu. She just continued staring at the ceiling blankly as if nothing happened.

“Earth to Rena! Stop dreaming in the broad daylight!” Mayu smacked Rena’s forehead continuously.
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[anakpanti Fanfic] [10 Shots] HUNT (Part 2)

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Well… this chapter is still not have lovey-dovey moment. Be patient until the next chap, guys. XD

Words: 4,1 K



= Free Time =

It had been 2 weeks but Jurina still didn’t get any ‘job’. Usually… after she moved to the next location, she would get a new job at least in a week. But she knew already that her new target will be around her location, because based on her experienced for years… her boss had never asked her to move into a new place without any reason behind it.

Oh shit, I’m bored. Jurina lifted her foot onto the table in front of her while watching the TV. Why don’t they just give me the damn new phone as usual?! She took a little glance at the clock… 07.23 PM. I can’t let myself die in boredom. She turned off the TV and then she went to her room to change her clothes.

In some minutes later, Jurina stepped out from her room after she finished. Her appearance was totally different from her usual outfit; she wore a casual light blue denim jumpsuit with a white sleeveless shirt inside, and then her clothes were paired with white sneakers. She looked at the mirror. I think it’s better to let my hair untie. When she was about to open the door, she stopped. Wait. Should I bring my gun or maybe at least a knife? She decided to go in and took her twin knives. Just in case… She put the knives inside her socks.

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